Audio Visual Netlabel Release from Born Digital.

This was the very first project of my career. 

Music : Marsman
Video Director : Takuma Nakata
Video Director for “remember”: Yohsuke Chiai

3D Object : Satoshi Shirai. Akihiro Murayama
Programmer & Art Directing : Enrique Arce
Music Mastering : Sander Haakman

Jaqwawaj (01/12): Remember, 3D Object by Akihiro Murayama, Video by Yohsuke Chai.

Jaqwawaj (02/12): Triangular, Footage shot in Kyoto.

Jaqwawaj (03/12): Bloem, A realtime generated mesh done by Enrique Arce.

Jaqwawaj (04/12): Through Fields, Edited a footage i shot during my travel to Rome.

Jaqwawaj (05/12): Few People Know This, Shooting the surface of a fabric with an abstract projection.

Jaqwawaj (06/12): The City, Title referred as Tokyo, this is how i see that city.

Jaqwawaj (07/12): Loom, Audio Reactive scene generated on vvvv.

Jaqwawaj (08/12): Tidal Waves, Title referred as the crowdedness of Tokyo, Edited using VDMX.

Jaqwawaj (09/12): Stop Motion, A complex line generated realtime on vvvv.

Jaqwawaj (10/12): Fake Snow, An audio reactive scene generated on vvvv.

Jaqwawaj (11/12): Smile, An audio reacting scene generated on vvvv.

Jaqwawaj (12/12): Rewind Fast Forward, 3D Object by Satoshi Shirai, Video Editing helped by Enrique Arce, Composed on vvvv.

The title jaqwawaj (which is read 'remember' upside-down), for me, refers to time and thoughts/memories in particular. Despite of, or maybe because of, this concept I have no particular memories or thoughts I can articulate to make you understand what jaqwawaj means to me.. I cannot tell you where or what it is about. It is for you to discover. - Marsman

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